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CPP-initiatives : a nursery of initiatives on the backdrop of CRO full-service and clinical investigation platforms

What is CPPi ?

Center of Partnership Projects & Initiatives (CPPi), is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) born of association law 1901 LyREC (Lyon Recherche Clinique), whose its main activity has now refocused on hospital-university research related to the service allergy immunology / allergology led by Prof JF Nicolas but also other hospital services (rhumatology, …)

An important network of doctors and researchers (Key Opinion Leader) and scientifics partners (academic et industrial), members of the association, allowed and allows the development of CPPi in a broad field of therapeutic areas including a division dedicated to the skin : DERMATEC.

The story of CPPi ?

CPPi is the result of a meeting between David BOTTIGIOLI and Agnès LAVOIX. Beautiful projects carried together  at LyREC at the univertsity hospital of Lyon Sud was first born DERMATEC SAS in 2017, expertise center of CPPi specialized in cutaneous biometrology. The desire to preserve the identity of LyREC for hospital-university research and to associate the different complementarities within a private company led to the creation of CPPi.

The initiatives incubator CPPi feeds on meeting and needs to work more on colaborative projects. Today the center tends to become a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary health ecosystem in which sciences, technology, real life and the human in all its dimensions are harmonized. CPPi makes it possible to co-develop this type of partnership thanks to its solid history.

CPPi take a different look at clinical research. This is the new way of seeing and thinking about research on the human person around investigative centers et services allowing to carry out projects, bus also to activate the levers of the human, of felling and innovation with as a primary objective a complete and exhaustive search integrating all the dimensions mentioned. 

CPPi, a full service CRO but not only ...

CPPi is anchored firmly around expertise, cross-functional support, technical, regulatory and operational platforms whose full-service Contract Reseach Organization (CRO) activities are supported by a senior team structured by more than 15 years of experience in operations clinics, project coordination, regulatory activities and biometrics. CPPi has the distinct advantage of having a large multidisciplinary network of hospital, liberal and mixed experts and opinion leaders. A network of doctors, researchers and scientific partners (academic and industrial) members of the association LyREC, allows the development of CPPi in a broad field of therapeutic areas.  

CPPi's key asset is its different clinical investigation platforms. The center offers comprehensive platforms for the full-service management of monocentric and multicenter, interventional, non-interventional, mixed, in hospital, outpatient and home studies, incorporating to date three major areas of expertise from individual and collective initiatives. 

Thanks to its teams, each CRO has a positioning that resonates from one client to another, giving rise to collaborative projects between a promoter carrying a project and a service provider integrated into a team.

For CPPi, this noble goal leads us to consider global health for all through the improvement of quality of care and the quality of life of people so that "health and well-being come together with the human"


Behind CPPi?

David BOTTIGIOLI is the president and co-founder of DERMATEC then of CPP-initiatives.

He has been working in clinical research for 17 years with an experience built in public and private clinical investigation centers: hospital services (nephrology, hematology, radiotherapy, clinical immunology and allergology), "private CICs" (LyREC and Creabio SAS). Starting in 2015, he pushed the development and transformation of LyREC thanks to the meeting of Agnès LAVOIX and the DERMATEC initiative valuing complementary expertise and experiences in dermatology to move towards dermo-cosmetology and cutaneous biometrology on healthy volunteers and with cutaneous pathologies.

The next step is written within CPPi in a desire to open intact and even amplified through timely meetings with always the same desire to encourage individual and collective initiatives.


By forming CPPi from DERMATEC in particular, we display our intact and growing desire of new encounters and new initiatives.


Agnès LAVOIX is the CEO and co-founder of DERMATEC then of CPP-initiatives.

She has more than 20 years of experience in cutaneous biometrology, notably as a project manager in various clinical research centers specialized in skin (Aster Cosmetology, Institute of Clinical Expertise) and GEC (clinical trial manager) in oncology for the Pfizer laboratory (oncology). In 2016, she met David BOTTIGIOLI, becoming head of the dermo-cosmetic and biometrology division at LyREC. His expertise in cutaneous biometrology and his experiences coupled with his ambitions, his energy, his initiative and his strength of proposal and training of the teams sounded the beginning of the adventure DERMATEC SAS.

This continuity makes sense within CPPi, positioning DERMATEC as the center of expertise specializing in cutaneous biometrology and the center's innovation.


CPPi is a center of projects and partnerships that supports initiatives that are personal or professional and very often complementary. CPPi is a business incubator that allows everyone to express themselves and carry out projects that are important to them.


They joined the CPPi adventure

Aâïcha LAHLOU is responsible CPPi's CRO Partners activities and is responsible and founder of the HUMAÂN cluster.

She has been practicing for nearly 20 years in the management of projects and operations in clinical and epidemiological research on behalf of pharmaceutical laboratories, patient associations and institutions, including 10 years as head of a research-specialized CRO post-AMM and real-life observational (MSH) clinics. Through her life experiences and aspirations for Humanitarian Health, she became a therapist and was trained in the coordination of education and patient support programs. This series of courses naturally led her to be welcomed in the CPPi adventure in which she brings her expertise in clinical research and real-life data.

The individual initiative to co-develop synergies between people and skills for global health has turned into a collective initiative with Agnès LAVOIX and David BOTTIGIOLI and the creation of the HUMAÂN cluster within CPPi.


CPPi is a center for partnerships and initiatives in health and well-being, a real center in which synergies are created and developed. It is a center of all possibilities, carrying individual and collective initiatives. People and disciplines meet and can join collaborative projects in order to improve the care and quality of life of the sick person and his entourage.


Dr Philippe APELT is co-founder and CEO of MCP (Medical Creative Partners) since 2016.

He works in parallel with the hospital center Métropole Savoie and has many significant field experiences. For 9 years, he evolved as an emergency practitioner, as Chief Medical Officer in the French Southern and Antarctic Territories for 4 years and then as an investigator in clinical research center, CreaBio SAS for a year. Since 2016 and the creation of MCP, Dr. Philippe APELT works for the development, clinical evaluation and usability evaluation of medical devices. Real-life tests with patients in their homes, living labs and health professionals who brought him to integrate CPPi with his expertise. He is also co-author of major publications such as Evaluation of the management of spontaneous pneumothorax in emergencies (SFMU 2011) and Feasibility of screening for COPD in emergencies (Journal of Clinical Pneumology 2012).

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